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How Do I Choose a Tooth Filling?

To treat a cavity, West Houston Dental removes the decayed portion of your tooth and then fills the area on the tooth.


Also, your dentist uses a filling material to repair cracked or broken teeth and teeth worn down due to bad use, such as nail-biting. Here are some ways in which you can pick your filling type.


Fillings That Look Like Your Teeth

Primarily, Dentist Energy Corridor recommends composite fillings as dental fillings for cases where the size of your cavity is small to medium or if the teeth need a lot of chewing action. Also, composite fillings are made up of glass or quartz in resin. These are also a good choice for people afraid of dental work since a composite filling material takes less time to get bonded and needs less drilling.


Moreover, composite fillings can closely match your teeth' color. However, unlike all other dental materials, composite fillings also have limitations; they get stained or discolored easily. 



Fillings That Release Fluoride

This is one of the advances or new opinions for filling your teeth. This includes glass ionomers made of acrylic acids and fine-glass powders. West Houston Dentist can blend them to your nearby teeth' color and design them so they can release a small amount of fluoride to prevent decay.


But Glass ionomer filling has a limitation that it can break easily, making them a bad choice for a surface that does chewing. However, they are best to fill your teeth near the gum line or to fill the gap in between the teeth. If your teeths are stained or chipped, you should contact West Houston Dental Clinic for the restoration of your teeth. 


Crowns That Look Like Your Teeth

Most people pick porcelain, ceramic, or glass-like substances when you need a dental crown, inlays, or veneers. Because the color of your dental appliance matches your teeth, also, this material lasts longer and is very strong.


But this procedure is a little longer than other dental restorative treatments and needs at least two-three dental visits. Furthermore, these can cost you more than other options.


Your dentist chooses porcelain veneers because they are fragile shells and can fit on your tooth surface, and no one can hardly see them. 



Affordable, Long-Lasting Fillings

Dentists have been using amalgamation to fill cavities for more than centuries. These fillings are budget-friendly and are a combination of silver, tin, copper, and mercury. Also, they are durable and long lasting as compared to other procedures. Your dentist may recommend amalgam filling if the cavity is in wisdom teeth because it stands up well to chewing.


However, people can notice amalgam material because it is silver in color. Also, you may feel sensitivity to hot and cold food or water immediately after filing, but it is temporary. Some people may have concerned about the amalgamation process because it contains mercury, but many reliable sources deny it.


To find what is best for you, you should visit Dental Clinic Near Me Open Now to eliminate any possible dental infections and diseases.



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