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Does A Cracked Tooth Require An Emergency Dentist Visit?

Know what sort of wounds require an Emergency Dentist City Centre visit, so you can ensure that your family's teeth are dealt with while staying away from pointless excursions to the trauma center. Mishaps can occur at any time of time. Some oral wounds might require prompt consideration, while others can delay until your Emergency Dentist Near Me Now.



Some normal sorts of mouth wounds incorporate chipped, cracked, or taken-out teeth, which can be a consequence of biting or gnawing hard finished food, a games-related injury, a fall, or some other kind of mishap. Depending upon the seriousness of the injury and where the tooth is found, it is likely that a chipped tooth or minor crack can sit tight for a call to the Memorial Emergency Dentist during working hours.


A tooth can be cracked if you chew on hard foods, rubbing your teeth at night, and become cracked naturally when you overage. It is one of the most common conditions and may end in tooth loss. Such conditions require Treatment from Memorial Emergency Dental services.


Causes of a cracked tooth:


There are various reasons for cracked teeth, including:


  • Pressures due to teeth grinding
  • Large fillings leading to weakening the integrity of the tooth
  • Chewing on hard foods that may include ice, nuts, or hard candy
  • A car accident that may blow to the mouth.
  • Injury during sports activity
  • Involved in fighting
  • Overage


If you have severe damage to the tooth, it will require treatment from City Center Emergency Dental



Signs and Indications:


Common symptoms of a cracked tooth may include;


  • Pain from chewing or biting especially when you lose the bite.
  • Teeth sensitivity from hot, and cold food items.
  • On and off teeth pain, rarely persistent.
  • Inflammation of the gum around the affected tooth.


Such symptoms require  Treatment from Dentist 77079 on an immediate basis.


Diagnosing a cracked tooth:


  • If you have a chipped/cracked tooth, Walk-In Emergency Dentist Near Me Open Now for Broken Teeth Treatment.


  • It might be possible that X-rays also don’t reveal a cracked tooth, not everyone experiences the typical symptoms, your Dentist 77079may follow the following steps, including;


  • He/She may ask about your dental history and inquire whether you are used to chewing on a lot of hard foods or grinding your teeth.


  • He/She may make a visual evaluation, your doctor will require you to utilize a magnifying glass to see tiny cracks.


  • Your dentist may use a dental explorer over and around the tooth to determine whether they are on the edges or not.


  • He/She may use a dental dye to highlight the cracks on the teeth.


  • Evaluate your gums to determine whether you have swollen gums or not.


  • He/She will give you a bite on something, therefore, if you have a cracked tooth, you may feel pain when you free your bite.   


Half Broken Teeth Treatment:


Treatment will be according to the size of the crack, the location, your visible symptoms, and where the cracks are extending. Depending on these factors, treatment at Memorial Dental may be the following;





During the process, your dentist will use a plastic resin to fill the cracks and repair their look and function.






Your dentist may recommend a dental crown that is a prosthetic device, composed of porcelain or ceramic. It is placed over the broken tooth to get its natural look back.  


In order to fit a dental crown, the dentist first needs to take away some part of the enamel from your tooth to make enough space for the crown in your mouth. Then he/she will take an impression of the tooth matching the shade of your tooth, the impression is sent to the dental lab to design the permanent crown. The procedure will be completed in about two weeks. If you care for them properly, they can last a lifetime.   


Root canal:


If the crack is too extensive, it may extend into the pulp, therefore, it becomes essential to consult your oral surgeon or endodontist. He/She may advise you of the Root Canal to extract the damaged pulp to restore the natural form of the tooth. This process also helps prevent the tooth from infection and weakening further.




If the damage is so severe that the structure of the tooth and the nerves are injured, it becomes essential to eliminate the tooth.


The following procedures may be recommended when you have an injured tooth.




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